Certificate in Somatic Sex Education


This experiential training offers participants the opportunity to expand their coaching and teaching skills while supporting first year students in the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training. CSSE participants will receive supervision and coaching, as well as offer peer support, coaching and supervision to first year students. The program also provides participants with opportunities to revisit, and go more deeply, into the materials and topic areas of the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training, and to hone their teaching skills through practice and feedback.


Certificate in Somatic Sex Education Thailand

February 3 to August 3, 2018

Certificate in Somatic Sex Education Australia

September 10 2018 to April 4 2019

 For full course description please contact info@instituteofsomaticsexology.com


Program Components

Participants in the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education learn from offering peer support and feedback to first year students during module one, with regular faculty supervision. During module two CSSE participants learn through the dual roles of observation and participation in the first-year program, informal and formal support of first year students, regular supervision, and being supported in planning, and then teaching, on the CSB program. For module three, CSSE participants transition into the role of coach. Mentoring up to five CSB students with regular group supervision, provides a rich environment for the professional development of the CSSE participants, who emerge from the process with deep confidence and competency.

In addition to working with first year students, CSSE participants themselves engage a selection of the somatic inquiries from level one. CSSEs start the course with Orgasmic Yoga practice (Somatic Inquiries One and Two) and engage CSB students in Orgasmic Yoga coaching (Somatic Inquiry Three). In consultation with faculty, CSSEs select from the remaining somatic inquiries according to need and interest.

Participants keep a learning journal during their Somatic Sex Education training. Parts of this journal will be shared online with others in the same training.

The full course description, which goes into detail on dates, prices, and curriculum, is available by emailing info@instituteofsomaticsexology.com


Certificate in Sexological Bodywork