Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling

The training provides an introduction to somatic psychology and bodymind therapy for body-based practitioners, including massage therapists, kahuna bodyworkers, somatic sex educators, and yoga teachers.

The course provides practitioners with practice in effective embodied skills, a broad understanding of psychotherapeutic theory leading to the development of body-based approaches, and practice in conducting embodied counselling sessions.

The course enhances body-based practitioners’ capacity to work with the emotional and psychological content that arises during bodywork sessions. Building on what you do well, the course provides you with greater confidence to work with your clients’ emotional and psychological selves, expanding and developing your skill set in this direction, and enhancing your capacity to articulate the complex systems in process for human beings.

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Learning Objectives

During the training participants:

  • Engage in regular self practice of body awareness exercises
  • Create exercises to support other people in increasing their awareness of their bodies 
  • Study the development of somatic psychology and bodymind therapy
  • Study and develop qualities that support practitioners in working effectively with clients
  • Practice embodied counselling skills
  • Study the connection of the body’s systems and consciousness
  • Develop skills for working with strong emotion and trauma
  • Conduct embodied counselling sessions
  • Grow in embodiment to feel more connected and vibrantly alive

“A great introductory course that gives you a wide understanding of the counselling world and the skills to integrate embodied counselling into your practice.”

“The training was fantastic. It filled in lots gaps in my knowledge, gave me new spaces to fill up with the knowledge I will continue to gather, and affirmed, consolidated and linked together my existing abilities.”


Deej speaking with Tahlia about how the 9 weeks work:


Cyd speaking about how the training has been useful for her work:



2019 Training

April 15 to June 16, 2019.  The Embodied Counselling Intensive is in Auckland on June 14, 15 and 16.



The price of the training is NZD $2,200.

There is an early bird price of $1,900 for payment in full before March 22, 2019.

People who have completed a certificate training with ISS in the last 2 years receive $100 discount off the course fee.


Course Description

Click here for a copy of the course description:

Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling Course Description 2019



Facilitated by Deej Juventin

Please email for a copy of the full course description.