Queer Erotic Embodiment

The Queer Erotic Embodiment weekend ran for the first time in Melbourne in late 2014. The event was organised in the interest of making facilitated erotic embodiment practices like breathwork, active receiving, and self-touch more accessible to queer and gender-diverse people. Deej and Uma successfully take an approach which jettisons binaries and works beyond attraction to the benefit of group and individual learning. And so they wish to continue to share this work with queer and gender-diverse communities in Australia.

This practice has its roots in the Body Electric School (founded by Joseph Kramer) and the current process is heavily influenced by sexological bodywork practice as practiced and taught by ISS (Institute of Somatic Sexology). The work has emerged from queer visionaries including Annie Sprinkle, Barbara Carrellas and Chester Maynard.


The first day of the weekend focuses on creating a safe and supportive container and developing the skills for the practice of Embodied Active Receiving on day 2.

Day 1:

Discussing and negotiating what we all need to feel included and free to be ourselves while in community

Using breath work, movement, vibration, awareness and touch to access the nervous system and expand on what can be experienced through the body

Developing skills for shame-free masturbation

Practicing genital touch without agenda and free from habitual patterns of arousal

Developing skills for actively receiving and authentically giving touch

Day 2

After re-engaging with our bodies and the group, the day is devoted to the practice of Embodied Active Receiving.

Both days include regular debrief and sharing.


“ISS offers a radically inclusive approach to erotic embodiment education. This recognizes the importance of creating practice spaces beyond the limitations of working exclusively in attraction, and in moving beyond binaries to achieve this in pursuit of embodied learning. Consequently, people of all genders, sexualities, body shape, physical ability, race, ethnicity, life experience and fashion sense are asked to explore, learn, and grow together.

The workshop encourages consensual participation with diverse bodies in a reverent space. Participants will need to be comfortable with the concept and presentation of gender fluidity, queer(ish)ness, and working beyond attraction. If these concepts are new to you and you’d like to discuss them further, please get in touch to discuss.


This practice might interest you if you are:

– experienced with actively exploring sexuality, personally or professionally
– uncomfortable with heteronormative language and methodology used in some ‘conscious sexuality’ spaces
– interested in non-goal-oriented erotic practice
– self-identifying as queer and / or gender-diverse / an ally someone who learns and plays best in queerish spaces, regardless of your habitual object-choices / ‘orientation’ (QUEER/ISH!)
– you’re interested in investigating more deeply into the giving and receiving of touch as distinct processes
– you’re curious about what ‘erotic embodiment’ can actually look like for you
– you just don’t see enough queer-friendly sexuality workshops and finally, here’s one!