Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD

Sexual desire and orgasm are all about energy. In Shamanic Tantra you will learn:

  • Nine shamanic practices to intensify your energies and your sexual experience.
  • How to energetically merge with, or become “One” with, another person.
  • How to develop and train your energy to function in similar ways shamans use.
  • Gain an understanding of our energetic anatomy and the different types of orgasm.
  • Experience a deep sense of Oneness with all Beings.

There is no nudity or explicit sex. Also, this class does not perform or teach traditional Native American ceremonies. Ray teaches via Skype, and we gather for the training in West End, Brisbane. This is a powerful energetic process.

To arrange this training for yourself, your partner/s or a small group please email

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

Ray came to understand energy from Native American medicine people, or shamans.

While in ceremony with them and after receiving their healings, he sensed something deeper was happening energetically than in most of the somatic and psychological modalities he had already experienced. As Ray developed his own abilities to perceive energies, he realized that the medicine people were literally able to radiate, expand, extend, and resonate their energies with him.

On a shamanic path for over two decades, Ray is a 13-year SunDancer and has been greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism.

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