Tantra Connection 1

To connect fully with the people in our lives, and the environments we live in, we first need to connect fully with the self – physically, emotionally, erotically, and meaningfully. Tantra Connection 1 teaches skills, abilities, concepts and knowledge that are essential to developing the capacity for deep connection with the self. This connection is the foundation of tantric practice, of having a more fulfilling sex life, and of living more fully in the world. Participants leave with a plan for creating a regular practice of tantric connection. The practices taught are simple yet profoundly effective, and draw from Tantra, Taoism, sexological bodywork and sexual shamanism.

By the end of the training you will have:

  • explored how your body learns best
  • practised ascertaining what you want and asking for it
  • developed the key tantric tools of breath, sound, movement, awareness, and touch
  • created a plan for regular tantric practice
  • explored a variety of meditation and embodiment practices
  • practiced mindfulness
  • moved away from habits to expand on your experience of eroticism
  • been honoured through conscious connection with a community of open-hearted explorers

What people are saying about Tantra Connection:

“Tantra 1 was a really good grounding for the Tantra techniques and the attitude of trust and respectfulness.”

“The whole attitude of respectfulness for each others’ bodies, feelings, thoughts, emotions and spirits enabled us all to be open and honest.”

“A life changing experience.”

Tantra Connection 1 is a 1 day training, open to people of all genders and sexualities. The course is delivered by the Institute of Somatic Sexology, and is facilitated by Deej and Uma, leading somatic sex educators.

Completing Tantra Connection 1 is a pre-requisite to Tantra Connection 2.

Open classes are workshops and classes the ISS has developed that are available as privately organised events. if you are interested in organising one of these classes for yourself, your friends, or your collegues please contact us at info@instiuteofsomaticsexology.com