Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management Level One Certification

Why STREAM training?

Working inside the pelvis can be difficult. Orientation is a challenge since the territory is hidden. The pelvis can be a nexus in the body for pain, and it’s not always clear whether its source is biomechanical, biochemical, emotional or scar-related. It takes time to learn your way around, and often trainings don’t offer sufficient time to instil confidence while working inside the pelvis.

87% of women who have children end up with scar-related problems, which include incontinence, prolapse, and painful sex. In this intensive training, you will learn the critical role that scar tissue can play in women’s pelvic, reproductive and sexual health. Scar tissue remediation is at the cutting edge of the new skills needed, in order to work effectively and holistically with birth injuries and gynaecological surgeries. These include colposcopies and hysterectomies, endometriosis, gender reassignment surgeries, intersex interventions and non-specific pelvic pain. To work effectively with scar tissue, you need to understand the four domains of functional health. In this training, the emphasis will be on working with vulvas.

Underpinning effective treatment is accurate assessment. During the course, you will learn crucial assessment techniques that will lead to powerful results in your practice. These assessment skills will include: asking the right questions during your intake; palpating for digestive system imbalance; palpating and releasing abdominal adhesions; palpating functional pelvic restrictions; mapping and releasing scar tissue both internally and externally. You will also learn active and passive techniques to use castor oil, how and when to use clays, and self-help protocols and techniques for your clients to use on their own.

This 200-hr intensive training will provide you with the necessary skills for assessment and treatment of a broad range of women’s pelvic health issues. The course runs over a 6-month period inclusive of online lectures, Q&A group calls with instructors and a live 8-day intensive in Brisbane, Australia (see details of modules below). We will teach how to use the Four Domains of Functional Health as a vehicle for accurate assessment. Learn how to help your client at all levels, what to, do when to do it, and how to know when you have succeeded in moving your client toward better pelvic   health.

Who is STREAM training for?

This professional training is open to bodyworkers and somatic sexologists who work with genital touch in their practice, including Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, Tantra professionals, midwives, acupuncturists, and obstetric osteopaths. We welcome in diversity in sex, gender, sexuality, age, body type, ethnicity and ability.  This is a practical workshop and all attendees will be required to both give and receive internal and genital touch.


August 1, 2017- January 31, 2018,

In-person non-residential intensive in Brisbane, Australia, 18 to 25 October, 2017


If paid in full in one payment: USD $3100

Or 6 installments of USD $550 (total of USD $3300) All payment is in US dollars.

If paying in installments, the first installment of USD $550 is required to hold your place in the training. Please note places are limited to 26 students. The last STREAM training sold out within two months. Claim your space soon. This will be the only STREAM training offered in 2017.

Course Structure

This training occurs in three modules. The training is 200 hours in total.

Module 1 – August 1 to October 18 – 120 hours of home study & personal practice

Online learning covering anatomy and theory, through weekly 90-minute lectures, with homework, bodywork exchanges, and assessment practice. Most of the theoretical and anatomical learning will happen on our dynamic interactive online learning   platform.

10 weeks, 10 slideshows, demonstration sessions, assessment technique and practice. Monthly Q&A with Ellen and Kimberly (one in August, September, and   October)


Module 2 – October 18 to 25, 2017 (Sunday off) – 50 hours of hands-on study

The 8-day intensive focuses on hands-on work, Q&A, and experiential learning with Ellen, Kimberly and two assistants. The intensive in-person part of the course will be dedicated to hands-on, hands-in practical experience with close supervision, working with both outside models and each other. We will have time for Q&A, but the main focus of this time will be direct experience in the   territory.

Module 3 – October 25, 2017 to January 31, 2018 – 35 hours of  practice

12 sessions, write-ups, and one case study write-up with supervision and feedback


Course Facilitators:


Ellen Heed has been teaching somatic professionals since 2000 – work that she loves. During this time, she has taught alongside Ana Forrest, Joseph Kramer, Hugh Milne and Vincent Medici. She has taught in all kinds of environments, including yoga studios, birthing centres, the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork, massage schools, US universities and on professional training programmes internationally. She registered

with Yoga Alliance UK as a Senior Yoga Teacher and has taught anatomy trainings for yoga teachers all over the world, from Cape Town to  Singapore.

Ellen’s mission is to share her knowledge about scar tissue remediation, ancestral nutrition and embodied practices to everyone who desires to live a radiant life. She has pioneered bold new approaches to healing sexual pain, and continues to influence the

development of somatic sex education and practice worldwide.

She maintains a thriving private practice in Los Angeles, where she is completing her doctoral dissertation on the psychology of somatic sexual  healing.

To find out more about Ellen’s work, visit her website:



Kimberly Johnson is a birth doula, Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She specializes in birth injury, birth trauma,

postpartum recovery and sexual healing.

Before dedicating her life to helping women emerge through the childbirth and motherhood process more whole, she was a full-time yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer and Structural Integration practitioner. She has taught classes and trained teachers in New York City, Boulder, San Diego, Brazil, Thailand and Malaysia since 1999.

Kimberly’s own difficult postpartum healing process, where she experienced searing back and sacroiliac pain, incontinence, haemorrhoids and painful sex, led her to a path of exploring what she calls the black hole of women’s health: the postpartum period. Told she needed a full pelvic floor reconstruction, she committed herself to healing holistically. Along the way she met Ellen Heed, who was conducting a research project on postpartum scar tissue remediation. In three sessions, the haemorrhoids reabsorbed, her abdominal wall knitted back together, and she returned to joyful   pain-

free sex. Already a bodyworker, she was determined to learn this work and to help as many women as possible navigate the post-birth process with far less suffering and far more support than she herself experienced. Founder of, Kimberly is currently at work on a book about the physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual aspects of becoming a mother. She has taught postpartum courses to midwives, to doulas,  yoga teachers, and new moms at Bini Birth where Michel Odent is hosted, and at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. To find out more about Kimberly, visit her website:


How to Apply & Pay

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Students who achieve an adequate level of competency as decided by the facilitators, will be awarded the Certificate in STREAM, Level 1.

This certification is approved by: