Tantra Connection for Loving Relationships is a wonderful opportunity for people in loving relationships to nurture their love for each other. Love is an ongoing journey of engagement that flourishes when we take the time to devote some attention to it. Develop your capacity for intimacy and connection. Learn new skills for greater presence and connection. Simple yet profound tantric practices support us in engaging afresh with each other to live more fully together.

By the end of the training you will have:

  • developed the key tantric tools of breath, sound, movement, awareness, and touch
  • practiced creating a safe and meaningful space to develop intimacy and a deep loving connection
  • practiced the art of being present through the senses
  • expanded your capacity for touch                                                                  
  • explored the dance between giving and receiving
  • practiced authentic flowing easy communication
  • engaged in practices for letting go of what is holding us back
  • engaged in tantric ceremonies to intensify your erotic connection

A safe space for connection and exploration, Tantra Connection for Loving Relationships is for people of all genders, sexualities and relationship choices to come and explore with their partners.  If you are not currently in a relationship you are welcome to attend with a friend. This workshop is fully clothed.

“Foreplay begins the moment the last orgasm has subsided.” – Esther Perel

Open classes are workshops and classes the ISS has developed that are available as privately organised events. if you are interested in organising one of these classes for yourself,your friends, or your collegues please contact us at info@instiuteofsomaticsexology.com