Tantric Sexuality and Shamanic Crystals

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD,
Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming,
Reverend Goddess Charmaine

As ISS focuses on teaching embodiment skills and somatic practices, at our workshops and trainings we recommend people study with Kenneth Ray Stubbs if they have an interest in subtle energy work, as he’s the most proficient educator in the field that we are aware of.

So we are delighted that Ray and two US co-teachers, Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming and Reverend Goddess Charmaine, are presenting this seminar via Zoom, in Brisbane. This is a powerful opportunity to work with these highly developed and extraordinary teachers.

As Ray cannot travel he teaches from his home in Arizona via Zoom. In our experience, and this has been repeated by many people who have studied with Ray, geographical distance is irrelevant to the depth and effectiveness of this work when working with such highly developed teachers.


Day 1 Kenneth Ray Stubbs PhD

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PHD, is a crystal whisperer, shamanic teacher, and author/creator of over a dozen books and DVDs on sexuality, tantra, and spirituality. He will lead the webinar participants in a Whispered Crystal Attunement. This ceremony enables you to vibrate in the same higher-frequency vibrational patterns as the Whispered Crystal, analogously to a “broadband” Internet connection compared to a “dial-up” connection with non-whispered crystals. The benefit is a more transformative/healing effect for you when you meditate or do healing with a Whispered Crystal.

He will also:

* teach the Oneness Meditation for your Whispered Crystals
* discuss the nature of being a “whisperer” : eg for horses, bees, or crystals
* discuss how a Whispered Crystal can function as a tantric partner
* describe his Whispering Ceremony for crystals

Day 2 Part 1 Nut Tmu Ankh Butterfly Dreaming

Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming, an ordained priestess in the Afrakan Nubian-Khamite tradition, has been using crystals ceremonially for over 25 years. In the first part she will present on how to use Whispered Crystals in both personal and group ceremonies.

She will also teach:

* 5 Elemental rituals for accessing higher awareness and communion
* Orgasmic Energy Keys for opening and holding healing space for others with our Whispered Crystal Beings
* The art of Living In Trance – Cultivating Visionary Service

Day 2 Part 2 Reverend Goddess Charmaine

Reverend Goddess Charmaine, an ordained interfaith minister and author of two books on sexuality, will share her experience and techniques from her sexual growth with Whispered Crystals, including:

* Yoni/Lingam Merging
* To Insert or not to Insert
* Hip Roll and PC Exercise for energetic development
* Self-Pleasure
* Cleansings and Baths
* Partner Sex
* Genital Ritual * (have your Whispered Crystal or Whispered Yoni Egg with you)

We gather as a group to practice together in West End, Brisbane. The facilitators teach via Zoom (a Skype alternative).

Early bird price: $AUD360 (available until January 28)

Full price: $AUD395

The price includes a Whispered Meditation Egg

To register and arrange payment, please email: