Female Arousal Anatomy

This is the anatomy class we all should have had in school but never got. Learn the art of navigating through this wondrous complex system whether for yourself or your partners.

Key information about female anatomical structures, and how arousal works, has been missing from our communal knowledge. Even anatomy text books have been inaccurate for centuries. This long lost knowledge is now available, and we would like to move towards a time when everyone has access to it.

Arousal requires an intimate knowledge of how this system works. Female arousal anatomy is a holistic system. Rather than searching for a magic button, we need to take time to connect and be present.

This workshop will give you the skills and information you need to move away from guess work and frustration towards connection and rewarding pleasure.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  •  studied the complete female genital anatomy, and how this intricate system works and connects to the rest of the body
  • developed your pleasure giving skills
  • practiced connection, presence, variety, and communication
  • explored genital strokes
  • moved away from the pitfalls of agenda and performance

This workshop is for people of all genders. All sexualities welcome. Participants are fully clothed.

Open classes are workshops and classes the ISS has developed that are available as privately organised events. if you are interested in organising one of these classes for yourself, your friends, or your collegues please contact us at info@instiuteofsomaticsexology.com