Embodied Counselling Groups


Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling


An ongoing professional development and supervision group for continuing training and development in embodied counselling and somatic education.

The Process

Participants commit to conduct at least 5 embodied counselling sessions per month, and keep notes on their sessions in order to prepare for supervision.

Each group meets once a month with Deej, for teaching and supervision around embodied counselling and somatic learning.

In addition, participants meet once a month between full group meetings for peer supervision and support.

Each group runs for an initial 4 months, with a review at the end of that time.


$300 per person for 4 months.

Do it!! Profound on both a personal growth and a professional level.

Excellent. Community based and engaged with lots of communication. I feel very held and validated in my experiences.

Incredible value for money.

Really incredible learning experience...