Foundations of Somatic Sex Education

Dates and locations for 2020 TBA

A 5-day professional development training for helping practitioners in how to work somatically without touching clients, while supporting them towards more vibrant and full sex lives.

This is for helping practitioners who work in non-somatic modalities, for somatic practitioners who want to bring in the sexual aspect, as well as hands on somatic practitioners who want to learn how to translate their work into a hands-off, yet somatic, approach. Practitioners who would find this training useful include psychotherapists, psychologists, medical practitioners, sex therapists, yoga teachers, movement and posture practitioners, sexological bodyworkers and other sex educators, life coaches, Tantra teachers, meditation teachers and anyone who wants to upskill in the area of bodies and sex.

As the somatic renaissance impacts our personal and professional lives, and breakthroughs in neuroscience and the ground-breaking field of interpersonal neurobiology, are highlighting the importance, usefulness, and effectiveness of somatic work, it is becoming increasingly important for helping practitioners to have safe and effective tools that they can use to support clients somatically, within their current codes of practice and choices around boundaries and protocols.
This course is designed to teach you how to support your clients in learning to bring awareness into the body, and learning to regulate the body, in order that the erotic aspect of their lives not only improves, but thrives. The skills you will learn are foundational and essential to the health and well-being of your clients, and for you as a practitioner.

Key competencies include learning to teach clients how to develop:

  • Awareness (embodiment coaching; anatomy)
  • Regulation (state regulation, choice, variety)
  • Communication (body-mind-language feedback loops; consent; compassionate communication for getting your needs met, talking about sex, and lovingly coaching partners)
  • Agency (client-lead, consent, boundaries, awareness, co-creation)
  • Co-creation (interpersonal neurobiology, where do we meet, where can we grow, shared responsibility)
  • Integration (somatic practice, neuroplasticity, resilient edge of resistance)

You will learn to teach clients:

  • the foundations of embodied practice
  • how to improve solo sex
  • how to improve partnered sex
  • how to work through sexual issues, through the examples of vaginismus, early ejaculation, erectile difficulty and differences in desire.

If you think this training might be for you but you are unsure please contact us to arrange a time to speak with one of the facilitators:


Details for 2020 to be announced


Details for 2020 to be announced


Details for 2020 to be announced


Please email to register.

If you are interested in doing pioneering work in sexuality, teaching people to be more in touch with their bodies, living fuller lives at every stage, do this training.

Even if you are not interested in reaching certification or practicing as a sexological bodyworker, this course will blow open your sense of self and sexuality.

If you’re seeking powerful distinctions, skills and practices to work with your clients for life changing somatic based results, you won’t find a better training.

Life changing expansion in a safe and grounded exploration of personal and professional orgasmicity.

Timings were like clockwork. Clear about what we were required to do. I felt supported. I am appreciative of Deej and Uma’s professional approach. Thank you