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Touch Ambassadors – How to Teach Touch Online

In a time of social isolation, it is imperative for humans to find ways to nourish themselves physically. A lack of touch and connection can impact greatly on a person’s well being, both physically and mentally.

As somatic educators we have the tools to support people in the community to learn how to nourish themselves physically, even if they are isolated and unable to connect with others. We also have the ability to foster human connection itself via the virtual world.

This online workshop will explore ways to support your clients in creating full, creative and robust touch practices for themselves. We will explore how you can teach touch online via video calls, as well as a wide range of types of touch you can teach.

Some of the things you will learn in this class:

  • A full spectrum of touch styles, from nourishing and relaxing to erotic and arousing
  • How to verbally coach your client via the web
  • A range of touch practices to pass on to your client
  • Home play and session progression ideas
  • How to support your client in becoming creative and curious about touch
  • Ways to work collaboratively with your client
  • Communication and touch: how you can teach your client via the virtual world to become a great giver and an even better receiver.

We want you to have a full tool box of touch ideas, and feel skillful, well-practiced and confident to pass them on to your client.

Date:                                April 16 at 10am or 6pm, Brisbane Australia

Duration:                        90 minutes 

Price:                                $45

Register:                          Please email:



How to Teach Somatic and Interactive Online Workshops

We will teach you how to plan and create content that will allow for a transformative process during your workshop.

This class will show you how can you teach people about touch, connection, consent, communication and even arousal in a way that is interactive and embodied.

While we can’t hold face to face gatherings, there is a space for virtual ones. Online workshops and classes can be less challenging for people to attend, well priced and very safe. They can however be challenging to teach when the content of the class is somatic.

Teaching classes and workshops is a great way of reaching people. It’s a wonderful way of supporting and creating community and a useful way of building a reputation as a practitioner.

You will learn how to create a space that is at least as much about doing as it is about talking. It will allow your students to leave the workshop with a felt experience and a skill set they can later use on their own, rather than a theoretical concept.
In this class we will explore:

  • An introduction to the Engage Study Activate Integrate model and how it works online
  • Practices you could use in your workshops
  • Ideas of what you could teach and how
  • Ways to engage students with each other during your class
  • Creating support networks and community hubs


Date:                                  April 21 at and April 23 at 6pm


April 21 at and April 23 at 10am

Duration:                        2 x 90 minute classes

Price:                                $90

Register:                         Please email



How to Run Somatic Online Sessions

Touch is one of the great medicines we have and in this time of social isolation it is more important than ever. As sexological bodyworkers and somatic practitioners it can be a challenging time for our work. As clients cannot attend sessions in person, moving to an online platform is an invaluable way to continue supporting them.

We have created a 90-minute online workshop that explores ways to run somatic sessions via the web. It’s full of ideas and practices you can do from afar and is designed to both give you confidence to work with this medium and plenty of ideas on what you could offer.

Please click here for details:


How to run somatic online sessions


Sold Out – please email if you would like to register your interest for the next time this training is available