Professional Certificates

The Professional Certificates are in depth graduate level training in working with specific sexual issues. The Professional Certificate in Working with Vaginismus is the first of these trainings available.



Professional Certificate in Working with Vaginismus


The training is the accumulation of knowledge, expertise, personal and professional experience of Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee, who has specialised in supporting clients with Vaginismus over the last 11 years.
It combines sex education, sex therapy, and somatic approaches, as well as her signature Formulae so that you too can be effective in supporting clients to overcome Vaginismus.



Full details for the training are available in the course description:

Professional Certificate in Working with Vaginismus September 2021




This training is for people with existing training and qualifications in working with sex, including Certified Sexological Bodyworkers, sex educators, sex counsellors, sex therapists or related helping professionals.



You can access the training from anywhere in the world. The weekly classes from September are scheduled at 8am Singapore time, which is during reasonable hours in the American continents, the Pacific region and east Asia.

If you are in Europe or Africa you are welcome to take the training, but the classes will be in the middle of the night for you. We will endeavor to schedule the next training at a friendlier time for you.



September 1, 2021 to November 17, 2021.



Early bird: $1900

Full price:  $2200

Prices are in Australian dollars


Please read the full course description, available here.

To register, complete the enrollment form  and email it to Dr Lee, along with 3 possible dates and times for a Zoom meeting.

(Please note, you will have to save the enrollment form to your computer before you can fill it out. Any difficulty, please use the “Get In Touch” button below to request a copy be emailed to you.)


Dr Lee is in Singapore. Her email address is

If you are interested in doing pioneering work in sexuality, teaching people to be more in touch with their bodies, living fuller lives at every stage, do this training.

Even if you are not interested in reaching certification or practicing as a sexological bodyworker, this course will blow open your sense of self and sexuality.

If you’re seeking powerful distinctions, skills and practices to work with your clients for life changing somatic based results, you won’t find a better training.

Life changing expansion in a safe and grounded exploration of personal and professional orgasmicity.

Timings were like clockwork. Clear about what we were required to do. I felt supported. I am appreciative of Deej and Uma’s professional approach. Thank you