The Certificate of Sexological Bodywork in Australia

The World’s Leading Facilitator Training for Somatic Sex Educators

Course Dates for 2016: April 10 to September 27

Module One Online Group Study: April 10 to June 8

Module Two Embodiment Intensive Residential: June 13 to 23

Module Three Supervised Sessions: June 27 to September 27

“The single most empowering and integrative experience I’ve ever had both for my professional and personal practice.”

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The Certificate of Sexological Bodywork in the UK

The World’s Leading Facilitator Training for Somatic Sex Educators

The next Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training in the UK will be in early 2017. Please send us an email asking to receive the details once they become available. 

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“This is the training if you’re working with sexuality. The combination of personal and professional learning with the best teaching in the field is essential. I cannot recommend it enough.”

The Certificate in Sexological Bodywork program trains and certifies somatic sex educators, providing direct experiential learning opportunities that emphasize erotic embodiment.

Participants learn a variety of Sexological Bodywork modalities, including Taoist Bodywork, sensate focus, pelvic  floor release, breath work, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.

Participants experience how humans develop embodied skills —through mindful, self-directed practice over time.

The course prepares practitioners to teach somatic sex education to individuals, couples and groups.

The Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training makes use of online learning, phone conferences, embodied research assignments, video demonstrations, communal learning, and supervised practicum, providing an effective balance of theory and practice.

During the eleven-day residential intensive, participants and instructors gather to hone erotic skills, to explore erotic trance states, and to connect with their colleagues in the new profession of Sexological Bodywork. An extra day has been added to the residential intensive for integration, rest, or extra practice with your classmates.


“It is well structured, well timed. I liked the mixture of learning experiences and the emphasis on anatomy.”

“It’s very well organized and you start at your own level of knowledge and that’s completely valued and supported.”

The Institute of Somatic Sexology welcomes diversity in sexual preference, gender, and age.


Prices include food and accommodation at the Embodiment Intensive Residential


Super Early Bird Price: AUD$5,600 (incluing GST) for payments made in full before November 30, 2015.

Early Bird Price: AUD$5,900 (including GST) for payments made in full before February 28, 2016.

Full Price: AUD $6,500 (including GST).

All tuition fees must be paid in full before April 2, 2016


To be advised


“I would say that it is the most comprehensive and well thought out program I have attended and would advise them that it is the “one” to do should they wish to develop their skills in this field of work. Material grounded, training solid.”

Kirsteen talks to Deej about the sexological bodywork training

Enrolments now open for the 2016 Certificate of Sexological Bodywork in Australia!

“If you want to work professionally in this area this training is fantastic equipping you with education, skills, ideas, resources and support.”

Refund Policy

There is a non-refundable deposit of $550 which secures your place in the training.

If you are paying off your tuition before April 2, 2016, and decide you cannot participate in the training you will be refunded you monies minus the non-refundable deposit of $550.

After accessing the online training component of the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training there is no refund.