What I noticed is how much that course kept me in my process and in my body. It’s like an anchor.

The best space for your embodied learning. Your life will be different afterwards. Your work focus will be different afterwards as well.

Very professional, well structured and fun. A useful balance of study and embodiment.

An excellent professional training, well-taught, brilliantly modelled, the perfect way to move from interest to working as a practitioner.

The CSB course is genius – it works at so many levels at once … is challenging and demanding … and life-changing, and can really prepare you for being a somatic sex education pioneer in this exciting and ground-breaking field.

Completely life changing. I feel I am learning new ways to be in this world.

Best teaching I have ever received.

I felt the whole intensive is incredibly well organized and run, from the technical details to the overall plan. I loved the flow of each learning from day to day, building up. It felt clear, extremely well held, with a definite direction.

The single most empowering and integrative experience I’ve ever had both for my professional and personal practice.

A great introductory course that gives you a wide understanding of the counselling world and the skills to integrate embodied counselling into your practice.