Erotic Embodiment Classes

Erotic Embodiment Classes

If there was ever a time to learn new ways of connecting with our bodies and pleasure, this is it!

Erotic Embodiment classes are group online classes where we learn communally about connecting with the body and accessing more of your internal resources.

We harness the elements of breath work, movement, touch, sound and placement of awareness to build your pleasure potential. We work together to create both structured practices and improvised ones, exploring different themes each class.

These circles are both learning and practice spaces. You do not need to have any previous experience to participate and you can participate to your comfort level. Being an online class, there is the added element of choice whether you would like to be on screen or off screen at times. This will be a clothing optional event.



Tuesdays at 5pm Brisbane Australia time (8am UK / 9am Europe / 10am Israel)


Wednesdays at 8am Brisbane, Australia time (North America 3pm West Coast / 6pm East Coast)

Time:                 Classes will run for 60 minutes

Price:                  Simply pay what you can afford

Register:           Please email:


4eroticexplorers also offer classes at 8pm Melbourne time. You can contact them here:


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I loved the care and support I received, hugely grateful to all.

I don’t think anything else I could have done for a relaxation holiday would have left me feeling so deeply relaxed.

I have learned so much about myself and have continued to have minor revelations now that my senses and energy source have been awakened. I have learned to listen to my body rather than the "board of directors"

Beautiful, life-changing and crafted with so much love and care.

The investment of time and money is worth my new understanding of myself, my agency, my consent, and how this all translates into better parenting.