CSSE Graduate Programme



The internship program offers a third year of practice, study and research for somatic sex educators. Participants further develop their skill and information sets, going more deeply into the sexological bodywork and somatic sex education content, as well as taking on a student support and facilitation role, and focusing in on their own interest areas. There is the opportunity to develop new practices and processes.


Certificate in Somatic Sex Education

The Process

Internship participants work out together with the facilitators their learning objectives. They work on these objectives over a 6 month period, that runs concurrently with a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork training. Participants meet regularly with the facilitators for supervision and support.


Expressions of interest are accepted from people who have, or are in the process of, completing the Certificate in Somatic Sex Education.


Cost: there is no tuition fee for the third-year program, but venue fees may apply.