Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling

Effective practitioners need to engage the full lived body, including emotional aspects, for real change to happen. We need simple, effective practices that develop embodied awareness and capacities to fully show up and pay attention at increasingly subtle levels, for both practitioners and clients to live more choiceful, connected and vibrant lives.

The Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling is an introduction to somatic psychology and bodymind therapy for holistic, somatic, and spiritual practitioners, including massage therapists, kahuna bodyworkers, sex workers, somatic sex educators, and yoga teachers. It is also useful for counsellors, psychotherapists and other psyc practitioners who want to learn to work more somatically.

The course provides practitioners with practice in effective embodied skills, a broad understanding of psychotherapeutic theory leading to the development of body-based approaches, and practice in conducting embodied counselling sessions.

Building on what you do well, the course develops your capacity to work with the emotional and psychological content that arises during bodywork sessions. You will develop greater confidence to work with your clients’ emotional and psychological selves, expanding and developing your skill set in this direction, and enhancing your capacity to articulate the complex systems in process for human beings, as you further grow in embodied awareness.


Somatic Distance Learning

Our somatic distance learning methodology makes the training available to you wherever you live in the world. The effectiveness of somatic learning comes from connection with your own felt experience, and connection with the experiences of others, through real time somatic practice with yourself, classmates and volunteers, via Zoom.


Study Pathways

The Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling is a useful first step for training to be a somatic practitioner, whether you are interested in going on to take the Certificate in Somatic Sex Coaching, the Certificate in Embodied Counselling, or the Certificate in Sexological Bodywork.


Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will have:

  • Engaged in regular self-practice of body awareness exercises
  • Created practices that support increased awareness in the body
  • Studied the development of somatic psychology and bodymind therapy
  • Studied and developed qualities that support practitioners in working effectively with clients
  • Practiced embodied counselling skills
  • Studied the connection of the body’s systems and consciousness
  • Developed basic skills for working with strong emotion and trauma
  • Practiced embodied counselling sessions
  • Grown in embodiment to feel more connected and vibrantly alive


Next Dates

February 5 to April 10, 2025. The embodiment intensive is March 25 to April 10, 2025.



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The official course description goes into detail on the content of the program, including curriculum, methodology and content. Please email for a copy.




The training was fantastic. It filled in lots of gaps in my knowledge, gave me new spaces to fill up with the knowledge I will continue to gather, and affirmed, consolidated and linked together my existing abilities.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for putting together and offering this course - it’s been life changing, really! I have learnt so much and now have a richer experience of life. I look forward to going deeper with my own practice and sharing this work with others.

A great introductory course that gives you a wide understanding of the counselling world and the skills to integrate embodied counselling into your practice.

The training intensive was fantastic. Loved the flow of the content and was a great mix of embodiment and learning.

Wow! What a ride! I feel full of well thought out, prepared, planned embodied content, context, correction, creativity. Facilitators know their stuff! Come prepared for an embodied experience. A wild and wonderful ride.

I would highly recommend this training to anyone who would like a better understanding on how to become embodied.

Course Dates for Embodied Counselling 2025

Module 1

Embodied Research and Practice

February 5 to March 24, 2025

Module 2

Embodiment Intensive

March 25 to April 10, 2025

Course Fees for Embodied Counselling 2025

Early Bird Price

$2200 Australian Dollars

Prices include GST. The early bird price is available for full payment by November 20, 2023.

Full price

$2500 Australian Dollars

Prices include GST. Payment must be made by February 1, 2024.